Voice Networks

Although invented over 100 years ago, voice communication and telephones are still a crucial part of any business.

Analog or Digital, Telephones Are Essential

Modern telephone systems are designed to take the load off their human operators. They provide quick and efficient call processing without requiring much hardware. A simple phone system can do so much:

  • Allow multiple locations to share phone calls and phone numbers.
  • Provide common information to customers without having answer the phone.
  • Route calls to a user’s desk, cell phone, or elsewhere if they are out of the office.
  • Provide automated but lifelike sounding speech.

How Gateway Systems Help

Gateway systems are experts in troubleshooting and installing traditional analog voice systems, as well as modern IP based PBX systems. We design phone systems that make it easy for customers and employees to reach who they need. We understand the inner-workings of voice networks and work to ensure years of trouble-free use.

What We Can Do



We are able to diagnose and repair many types of systems and networks. We can troubleshoot most problems, even if we didn't install the system initially.



When the time comes, we're ready to perform all the initial setup tasks. We leave you with a system that's ready for your business's critical needs.



We can offer guidance, design work, and other consulting services as well. From planning new installations to migrating existing ones, we are able to help.