High Definition video inside your business engages customers, lets them know of specials, or keeps them entertained in the waiting room.

Quality is Key

Not only must video reach its destination, it needs to be a high quality for viewers to see and understand. High qualify video distribution enables many new possibilities:

  • Communicate appointments, specials, or other custom content to customers.
  • Let customers watch broadcast TV while waiting.
  • Communicate progress of goals to employees.
  • Provide real time video feeds of crucial areas.

How Gateway Systems Help

Gateway Systems designs and installs video systems ranging from simple signal extenders to complex, multi-room video distribution systems. We make sure your message is displayed where it’s needed, and at its highest quality.

What We Can Do



We are able to diagnose and repair many types of systems and networks. We can troubleshoot most problems, even if we didn't install the system initially.



When the time comes, we're ready to perform all the initial setup tasks. We leave you with a system that's ready for your business's critical needs.



We can offer guidance, design work, and other consulting services as well. From planning new installations to migrating existing ones, we are able to help.