What Is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is one of the largest cloud hosting providers in the world. They provide resources to some of the largest internet companies in the world, including Netflix, AirBnB, NASA and NASDAQ. Large customers aside, they also have solutions for small businesses.

What AWS Does

If you’ve never heard of AWS, you’re probably not aware of the wide array of services they offer. Their core, though, is virtual servers. These range from small single core machines, to massive bare-metal machines.

Alongside this, they offer a multitude of other services related to all things cloud: DNS, Email, Database, and CDNs are just a few of their products. You can combine these services into complex, multi stack web applications or just use them for simple websites and services.

To a new customer, the breath of these services can be daunting, so it’s always helpful to have an experienced partner navigate what each one can do.

Advantages of AWS

AWS, and most larger cloud providers, have a distinct advantage: location. They offer these services on nearly all continents, and let you place your applications near customers or backup things well away from your on-site operations.

Also, since AWS offers so many services, it’s easy to consolidate everything into one provider for convenience on billing. Their services nest nicely together, so it’s easy to take advantage of multiple services or applications quickly.

The size of AWS also lets you scale your applications with a near-limitless capacity. Once it’s time to grow your servers or services without having to migrate to new platforms or providers. You simply have to just tell AWS to make your servers larger.

How Gateway Systems Helps

Your small business may need cloud services, and AWS can be a good choice in many cases. They offer small servers, suited for single small websites and applications that can make it an affordable and economical choice.

Gateway Systems is able to help navigate the myriad of AWS services and help control your costs while running your services.